Birgu finalised result!

iGuzzini through Apex Interiors Ltd designed, supplied and commissioned the lighting of Birgu bastions (excluding St. Angelo), streets and monuments.

Source: Times of Malta

Source: Times of Malta

NEW:Washable Noise Reduction Panels

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Washable Noise Reduction Panels

Ceiling/Wall/Free Standing/ Hanging

Noise Reduction Co-efficient 0.45@ 500 Hz

See Full Brochure: Noise reduction panels

Illumination for retail areas

Fitting rooms have now become the main attraction towards shopping in shops rather than online. Therefore, it is important that retailers give their maximum attention towards a fitting room which enhances sales. Lighting is of vital importance to achieve this. The use of warm colour temperature will enhance all skin tones. No one wants to look sick in a new dress or suit but wants an instant image enhancement upon wearing the new garment. If the beam of light is too narrow, then the harsh light will emphasise any facial lines. Again no one wants to remember about unwanted wrinkles in a new garment. For more tips on how to illuminate retail areas click here.

Gypsum vs mineral fibre suspended ceilings

Due to this misinformation we get regularly customers who need to change suspended ceiling to mineral fibre as they have a problem with teleconferencing with their overseas partners due to the echoes of the room, or customers who had their gypsum ceiling tiles collapse thankfully while they were not on the premises or customer call centres with employees that have to communicate with clients with unbearable background noise of other telephone conversations. Read on

State of the art energy efficient light fittings for New Offices

Room with no natural light is fully illuminated with LEDs

The best of energy efficient light fittings were chosen for this project.  Through a DALI system, the light sensors indicate to light fittings the required level of light in synergy with natural light. Thus no excess lighting is provided in rooms with natural lighting during days of sunshine. At the same time, artificial lighting levels are increased in cloudy days. Optimal use is made of energy.  Dimmable T5 fluorescent tubes as well as dimmable LEDs were installed. More

Suspended Ceilings for Clean Areas/Healthcare

Choosing the right suspended ceilings for clean areas/healthcare is very important. Having been entrusted with all suspended ceilings at Mater Dei hospital, Apex Interiors Ltd, is the expert for suspended ceilings in clean areas healthcare. Read from here.

Mater Dei Hospital

Insulation for Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

As water moves through pipes in a solar water system, energy is lost if these pipes are not properly insulated. Through K-Flex insulation pipes this heat loss can be reduced by at least 75%.  Contact our offices for further details.