Simple Lighting Tips for Homes

Downlighting is an extremely effective way of lighting a domestic space. A good downlighting scheme has distinct elements, normally on separate circuits, which follow a simple process of defining a layout:

  • Start with the walls – positioning downlights (usually 450-600 mm) from the vertical wall surface, ideally where there are pictures or interesting features to be highlighted. These are called wall washer or picture lights. They are usually a mild beam (24 to 38 degrees) and will be tilted 20 to 25 degrees, sometimes with an additional lens to shape the light.
  • Think about functions – position lights a little to the side and forward of where tasks will need to be done. These are often narrow beam (8-12 degrees) to provide the higher intensity that tasks demand.
  • Define corners, boundaries and entrances as appropriate so that the space can be either spacious or intimate depending on the level of these fittings. As these fittings are dimmed, the space will feel smaller and more intimate.

Lastly highlight the focal point(s) of the room to direct attention to where you wish people to look at away from less interesting parts of the room.

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