State of the art energy efficient light fittings for New Offices

Room with no natural light is fully illuminated with LEDs

Light sensors used to dim light fittings to balance with natural lights so there is no waste of energy

The best of energy efficient light fittings were chosen for this project.  Through a DALI system, the light sensors indicate to light fittings the required level of light in synergy with natural light. Thus no excess lighting is provided in rooms with natural lighting during days of sunshine. At the same time, artificial lighting levels are increased in cloudy days. Optimal use is made of energy.  Dimmable T5 fluorescent tubes as well as dimmable LEDs were installed.

Rooms with no natural light and corridors were fitted with LED light fittings which provide very comfortable lighting levels together with great energy efficiency. LEDs were also used in spotlights used to illuminate paintings. LEDs quality is very important. Precise tools to calculate expected lighting levels are imperative when using LEDs.

iGuzzini new iPlan was used in both T5 and LED versions. The new Reflex Easy LED in both a non-dimmable and dimmable version were included in this project for corridors. Reglette was used for cove lighting. Parallel Square LED spotlights on track were used to illuminate wall room features as paintings. The new iGuzzini Laser Blade and Deep Laser LED spotlights were also used for high profile executive offices and areas. Special products Pinhole and Deep Frame in a dimmable LED version were also used, demonstrating iGuzzini’s commitment to meet customer special requirements.

Custom made dimmable LEDs