Skylights offer the unbeatable comfort of enjoying the best of daylight while enjoying indoor comfort. Light coming from the sky above has greater clarity than light coming from the horizon. Thus a roof light provides more light than a window of the same dimension in a vertical wall leading to energy saving.

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BIK skylights are made from high-quality plastic materials, polycarbonate and acrylic. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable, thus making burglaries through skylights difficult. Polycarbonate is not only highly impact proof but also performs well under conditions of fire, as the material is self-extinguishing.


BIK skylights are supplied as single-skin, doubled-skin or triple-skin units. It is also important that skylights are have more than a single skin in order to have a good thermal insulation. Thus under normal circumstances surface condensation is virtually impossible. There is also a choice of clear or opal materials. Additionally there are a number of colours to choose from, including bronze. For a better light deflection the inside of the light can be made in a patterned glazing. Skylights provided by BIK can have square, rectangle and round upstands. The actual dome can be round or in pyramid shape.


In order to control the light and heat penetration, BIK has developed a number of solutions, the simplest being  sunblinds.

You can have skylights with only 34% Heat Transfer while still having a 71% Light Transfer.

Normal Cool&Clear Dome

Light Transfer – 81%                           Light Transfer – 71%

Heat Transfer – 70%                          Heat Transfer – 34%

The Cool and Clear skylights are available at a marginal price difference. A sample of Cool and Clear skylights can be viewed at our showroom.


BIK supply skylights with properly insulated upstands that are either PVC or GRP (fibre glass). PVC upstands are air filled while GRP upstands are foam filled. Both options offer the best level of insulation to prevent any condensation from occurring. Other skylights found on the market use normal aluminium lining which always result in condensation drippings.


BIK skylights ensure a seamless between the different parts that make up the skylight as well as with the roof construction. Once installed in line with our indications, these skylights become completely safe from any leaks. Such skylights must be differentiated from fake skylights that are merely pieces of glass stuck together to form a window on the roof that is deemed to leak.

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Skylights provided by BIK can also achieve an optimal fire ventilation system by having a specially constructed opening mechanism. This system is activated either by having a unit that reacts as soon as 72°C is exceeded or else by having the system connected to the fire detection and alarm systems. For natural ventilation the upstands can be fitted with a ventilation window. This combination can be supplied pre-assembled making it less costly and ensuring correct installation. The ventilation window can be opened and closed manually, electrically or pneumatically. An insect screen is also available through a wire-blind system in the opening of the dome. When the dome is close the insect screen is nearly invisible. It is made of maintenance free glass fibre with a grey coloured UV-Resistance PCV coating. The screen can be washed with a non-corrosive and non-bleaching detergent like soft soap at a temperature not greater than 40 degrees Celsius.

insect screen

BIK rooflights are guaranteed for a period of 10 years. The guarantee covers normal weather resistance, light transmission and manufacturing faults. BIK skylights have a unique anti-theft fixing system, which is not only difficult to dismantle but also provides an excellent watertight and tension free fastening of the skylight onto the up stand. The different assembling parts of the skylight are pre-drilled in order to ensure a quick and accurate assembly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Apex Interiors Ltd provide installation services for skylights?

Yes, we can provide a competent installer. Installation is not usually included in the price quoted unless specifically requested.

What does the installation service not include?

The installation does not include any waterproofing membrane and any special hoisting equipment required if the skylight cannot be carried to installation site normally.

Does the guarantee cover me even if I install the skylight myself?

Yes, given that all our instructions are followed thoroughly.

Does the skylight require any maintenance?

Normal washing by means of a hosepipe is enough. However, periodic checking of the waterproofing membrane is a necessity as for the whole roof.