Clean Areas/Healthcare

A smooth ceiling surface is ideal for treatment rooms and utility areas. A smooth surface is easier to wash and without protuberances, dust and microbes will not be able to collect in the perforations. A considerable advantage in hospitals where cleanliness is of critical importance!

Mater Dei Hospital

Medical environments include many areas subject to high humidity levels and limited ventilation. Additionally, there are many areas that require frequent cleaning. For these areas, it is essential that the specifier chooses washable ceilings with a high level of humidity resistance. Washability tests show the superior washability, stain resistance and water repellence of Armstrong Bioguard versus a typical ceiling.

Mater Dei Hospital

The control of bio-contamination is essential in the healthcare sector, especially in hospitals and clinics. A ceiling tile should not favour the development of micro-organisms that could ‘land’ on its surface and is even preferable that the tile actively combats the micro-organisms in order to decrease the number as quickly as possible. Armstrong products contain fungicide in the paint, inhibiting growth of moulds, mildew and yeasts. In certain areas within hospitals, it is essential to limit the number of particles suspended in the air by creating a clean-room type environment using products certified in accordance with internal standards. Armstrong offers solutions for areas with the most stringent requirements.

Mater Dei Hospital

In hospitals, it is usually the area behind the false ceiling (the plenum) above corridors and technical areas (radiology rooms) which contains the largest number of electrical circuits, ventilation ducts, air extraction ducts and so on. The smallest problem means that repairs have to be carried out. However, such areas cannot be made out of use for hours. Thus rapid access to the plenum, it is essential to install ceilings that are easily demountable (and “remountable” too).

Natural daylight is a very important factor for patients and staff. Armstrong offer a wide range of healthcare products with high light reflectance enabling energy savings from efficient lighting design.

Staff, visitors and patients are constantly on the move in hospitals. Such sources of noise are often highly disruptive and reduce the tranquillity essential in this environment. The ceiling surface in hospitals is often the only area where it is possible to absorb sound since floors and walls are generally made of hard, surfaces for ease of cleaning. Armstrong false ceilings are ideal to absorb, block and cover sound. Acoustic performance is also important in areas that regularly accommodate large numbers of people (cafeterias, offices and waiting rooms) and in high traffic areas (corridors, entrances and halls). Acoustic insulation can be especially important to maintain the confidentiality of medical information and discussion.

For the safety of those in healthcare premises, often patients with reduced mobility, it is essential to ensure that the relevant fire regulations are met. Building Regulations require that all buildings meet appropriate Euroclass standards for fire reaction performance depending on the area of application. Armstrong products have been tested to the harmonised European fire reaction standards by independent bodies and fully meet the performance criteria.

The Armstrong i-ceilings range of sound panels utilises the revolutionary new loudspeaker technology NXT. Unlike conventional ‘cone’ speakers that operate with a piston-like action, NXT technology introduces resonant vibrations to the entire surface of a lightweight flat panel via an electronic transducer system.In effect, the panel within the ceiling is vibrating in much the same way as a piano or acoustic guitar. Like these musical instruments, new technology i-ceiling panels generate highly diffuse and disperse sound energy (similar in nature to the light emitted from a fluorescent lamp).

Sound, therefore, is radiated in all directions to ensure highly intelligible voice and music reproduction and even sound density over the area covered. This is very different to the results of a conventional piston-like cone speaker, which can cause highly directional and often unintelligible speech in large open spaces.Using i-ceilings in healthcare facilities ensures using panels that are durable, scratch resistant and easily cleaned. Panels that allow antibacterial treatments to be easily applied leading to a safer solution for hygienic environments. i-ceilings also allow reduced possibilities of loudspeaker theft or vandalism.

Further information about Ceiling Systems for Healthcare Premises can be found here. Further details about the type of false ceilings most appropriate for different areas of your healthcare facilities may be found here.