Ceilings offer an opportunity to play an important role in terms of acoustics. In leisure activities, noise absorption is the prime factor since these are places that are meant for relaxation and thus noise hazards need to be eliminated. In an establishment open to the public fire reaction and fire resistance properties of mineral fibre suspended ceilings are of critical importance.


Additionally, kitchens require frequent cleaning. For these areas, it is essential that the specifier chooses washable ceilings with a high level of humidity resistance. Washability tests show the superior washability, stain resistance and water repellence of Armstrong Bioguard versus a typical ceiling.

False ceilings also offer the advantage of demountability of the ceiling, which also means the décor can be arranged or regularly freshened up while intervening only on the parts which need upgrading.

The Armstrong i-ceilings range of sound panels utilises the revolutionary new loudspeaker technology NXT. Unlike conventional ‘cone’ speakers which operate with a piston-like action, NXT technology introduces resonant vibrations to the entire surface of a lightweight flat panel via an electronic transducer system.  In effect, the panel within the ceiling is vibrating in much the same way as a piano or acoustic guitar. Like these musical instruments, new technology i-ceiling panels generate highly diffuse and disperse sound energy (similar in nature to the light emitted from a fluorescent lamp). Sound, therefore, is radiated in all directions to ensure highly intelligible voice and music reproduction and even sound density over the area covered. This is very different to the results of a conventional piston-like cone speaker, which can cause highly directional and often unintelligible speech in large open spaces.

In a wide variety of leisure applications, i-ceilings subtly adds to the experience and overall attractiveness of the environment by providing excellent clarity with background and foreground music and intelligibility in public address messaging. Furthermore, i-ceilings can be integrated into highly visible and public applications without identification.

Further details about the type of false ceilings most appropriate for different areas of catering establishments may be found here.